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About Avalon Sober House LLC


In Arthurian mythology, Avalon is an island off the coast of England which is a place of healing. “.. it lacks no good things; no thief, reiver or enemy lurks in ambush there.” "Old age is unknown, there is neither sickness or suffering.. everything is full of joy.1” Legend has it that King Arthur lives today on Avalon, healing from wounds sustained in his epic battle with Mordred and waiting for a time to return and lead Britain. 

 Like the mythical island, Avalon Sober House (ASH)  also provides a safe, secure, supporting environment for men in recovery.  Toward that end, our resident manager is readily available to help residents make the first steps back to become functioning sober members of the community. ASH houses are well-maintained and meet or exceed St. Paul and MASH (Minnesota Association of Sober Homes) standards.  Please see the photo gallery under the "MORE" tab for a photographic portfolio of our homes. The ASH program is grounded in accountability, responsibility and respect for others.  Our locations at 938 Carroll Ave and 1185 Dayton Ave are in the heart of St. Paul’s sober community and close to bus and light rail transit.  ASH is a member of the Minnesota Association of SOBER HOMES (MASH)

1.   Gesta Regum Britanniae, 12th Century, Author unknown