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Avalon is a member of MASH – The Minnesota Association of Sober Homes. mnsoberhomes.org

  • The primary mission of the Minnesota Association of Sober Homes, Inc., is to promote the establishment, successful management and growth of high-quality community-based sober-living residences.
  • All member home owners and staff have agreed to operate by a code of ethics.
  • All MASH member homes have been thoroughly inspected and found to provide a standard of living that goes beyond local regulated requirements. The house inspection includes health, life safety and management reviews that ensure each home lives up to the standards set forth by MASH.

Hi-Speed Wi-Fi throughout, large flat-screen HD TVs with multiple cable channels at both locations

The ASH homes at 938 Carroll Ave and 1185 Dayton Ave are in the heart of St. Paul’s sober community and close to both downtowns via bus and light rail

The ASH homes are close together; there is one manager for both houses, residing at 1185 Dayton.

ASH Program


Each Monday, ASH residents gather for our weekly dinner, which is followed by our weekly meeting.  In the meeting we discuss a broad spectrum of topics and ideas related to sober living. Who is responsible for which chores, upcoming social events, useful hours production, and AA meeting attendance.  Skills employers desire and personal financial management are topic that have been addressed in Monday group meetings. 

ASH encourages residents to get active and engage. Isolation and idleness are discouraged. 

Other ASH program features include a curfew, defined visitor hours and an expectation of community. Our on-site manager helps guide our residents to ensure that these time-tested living modes become reality for ASH residents and not just words on paper. 

• $590 per month 

• $300 sober deposit